Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association

Center for Disaster Mental Health
241 Taylor Street, Suite 130

Dayton OH  45402

Direct CDMH Office:  937-424-2362

GDAHA Office:  937-228-1000

OnLine Registration Part 2

Payment using PayPal

 This form will be used for the 27 Oct 2017 conference.

OnLine Conference Registration

OnLine Registration Part 1

Please do not register yet.  The 5th annual conference is scheduled for 27 October 2017.  This page will be used for registration.

Payment via PayPal on the internet:

    — Click
HEREor go to the PayPal home screen at and click on the “Send” button at the top of the page.       
    —  In “Their email” block, type, and put the registration fee in the “Amount” block.  This is saying you will send the fee(s) to the PayPal account of the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association (GDAHA).
    — When you hit “Continue”, Click on “Goods or Services”.  This will charge any PayPal fees to GDAHA.
    — You will then log into your PayPal Account, or you may then “sign up” to PayPal (this is free) and add your credit card information.