MISSION:  The Center for Disaster Mental Health (CDMH) will develop, promote, and apply mental health instruction, training and services in disasters.



Center for Disaster Mental Health


Center for Disaster Mental Health


Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association

Center for Disaster Mental Health
241 Taylor Street, Suite 130

Dayton OH  45402

GDAHA Office:  937-228-1000


CDMH is a volunteer organization serving the mental health education and training needs of West Central Ohio.   Mental Health and Emergency Preparedness experts from community healthcare organizations team together to prepare for and mitigate the consequences of emergency events. 

The three main goals for CDMH are:

-- “Expanding our Coalition with Community Partners"

-- “Conducting our 6th Annual Mental Health Symposium

-- “Support County Emergency Response Planning Leaders”

Sharing the same community health objectives, CDMH has formed a partnership with the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association, joining the coalition of healthcare providers serving West Central Ohio.